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Comprehensive Cancer Center

Message from the Director of Comprehensive Cancer Center

Comprehensive cancer center has been blessed with excellent staff and medical equipment that can provide all necessary services for cancer care since it has been established. It also plays a role as a “cancer hospital” not only in the western Saitama area but also throughout Saitama Prefecture, and we treat as many as cancer patients being always ranked in the top 10 in our country at all times. In order to treat such a large number of patients, local collaboration in the region would be necessary, and healthcare professionals must aim for seamless collaboration while mutually trusting each other.
Unfortunately, I feel that medical treatment satisfying patients and their families has not been realized yet. Therefore, all of our staff members are striving daily to have the passion for medical treatment so that we can provide more patients-centered medical care to everyone. As a result, our hospital was approved as a high-level international hospital as the first university hospital in 2014. Stringent requirements extending about 1,200 items were cleared, but patient follow-up after discharge was also strictly checked as an important medical practice. Although there are still many issues, patient-centered medical care cannot be realized without the cooperation of doctors in the region. More than ever, close cooperation with doctors in the region would be necessary, in other words, we are aiming for the operation of the cancer center that you can rely on more easily.

Toshiaki Saeki,
Director of Comprehensive Cancer Center

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