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Heart Disease Center

Message from the Director of Heart Disease Center

In the Heart Disease Center of Saitama Medical University International Medical Center, all departments of Cardiology / Cardiovascular Surgery / Pediatric Cardiology / Pediatric Cardiac Surgery / Cardiac Rehabilitation / Refractory Heart Failure Treatment Center provide medical care at a national leading level. Both in 2013 and 2014, open heart surgery exceeded 600 cases, including adults and children, ranked third place nationwide according to the national data in 2013, second in East Japan. We are supposed to keep third place nationwide in 2014. Coronary artery bypass surgery, valvular disease surgery and aortic aneurysm surgery have been increasing. Concerning neonates, infants and children with congenital heart disease, they are from the whole area of Saitama and other prefectures. In particular, we respond to many serious cases of them. The surgical mortality rate for adults and children is lower than the national average with good results.
In addition to open heart surgery, we also put effort into catheter treatment. We have performed many stent treatments for aortic aneurysms and catheter closure procedures for atrial septal defects, and the number of cases is the highest in our country. Transplantation of an artificial valve replacing the aortic valve with a catheter also has started prior to other facilities and the number of cases is increasing. In addition, we are actively working on the treatment of severe heart failure as an implementation facility for implantable ventricular assist device and a certified facility of heart transplant implementation. We always welcome the patients with PCPS or IABP. Furthermore, we have a rehabilitation department specialized in the heart, we are striving to shorten the hospitalization period, improving physical fitness after discharge, prevention of recurrence, and improvement of prognosis. As one of the nation’s leading facilities that can treat comprehensively against any heart disease, we ask that all doctors of medical facilities in the region use our facility to the fullest.

Takaaki Suzuki, Director

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