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Comprehensive Cancer Center

Cancer center having the latest high medical facilities which I give medical care and study which fixed their eyes on the next generation in addition to high quality cancer medical treatment.    Learn more

Heart Disease Center

It is equivalent to every heart disease treatment for 24 hours to an elderly person by a newborn baby.
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Critical Care and Emergency Center (including trauma and shock)

Lifesaving emergency care of the domestic highest standard is provided by "first aid not to decline" 24 hours by a motto.
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Organ Transplant Center

An organ transplant center is in the comprehensive cancer center, and is performing transplant consultation, kidney transplantation candidate's registration, and the management of patients who are waiting for transplantation, in addition to the outpatient care after a kidney transplantation. Moreover, the transplant examination center designated by Japan Organ Transplant Network is located there, and kidney transplant candidates can conduct a histocompatibility examination simultaneously with registration procedure. Our center also has a system that transplant surgeons, transplant coordinators and laboratory technicians are ready and handle an urgent organ transplant for 24 hours.