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For Visitors(published on April 24, 2011)

To prevent infection, visitors with symptoms such as fever, coughing, diarrhea, etc. are not allowed for visitation.

Especially, for children, there may be a case being infected with epidemic diseases such as measles, chickenpox, mumps and etc. To prevent such infection from visitors to patients and vice versa, we cannot accept visitation of children under primary school age. Your kind understanding in this matter and cooperation to prevent the spread of infection will be highly appreciated.

Visiting Hours

13:00 ~ 20:00 (Weekdays)
11:00 ~ 20:00 (Saturday, Sunday and holidays)

  • For better security in the hospital wards, we are asking all visitors to carry the visitor’s certificate. The certificate is issued at the General Concierge for your visitation process.
  • To protect patients’ privacy, we can not respond to any telephone inquiries regarding Admission and Discharging. (-acc. Personal Information Protection Law)

Visitation Information

  1. Please have permission from the nurse before seeing the patient. To avoid being a burden to the patient and the room mates, please give careful attention and do not stay a long time.
  2.  Please have permission from the doctor or the nurse if you bring food other than provided by the hospital.
  3. Please refrain from visiting in a large group or with a child.
  4. Please refrain from smoking, eating and/or drinking at the bed side.
  5. In consideration of a patient having allergies, please do not bring flower in the center.
  6. Visitors having a cold or epidemic disease are not permitted.
  7. Prior to visiting the patient, please use scrub-type disinfectant equipped in front of each hospital room for hand disinfection.

Use of Mobile Phones and PHS

Use of Mobile Phones Prohibited:

(Please TURN-OFF the phones to reduce the risks of electromagnetic disturbance or radio interference.)

Hospital wards: ICU (except for conversation room, cafeteria: Details are written in the picture of evacuation route on each floor)

A dedicated PHS which our medical staffs use produces no electromagnetic disturbance to medical devices.

For patient with pacemaker (pacer) … Please give your full attention.
The implantable cardiac pacemaker may receive the effects of radio frequencies and electromagnetic waves generated from mobile phones or car phones when those are used near the patient.
To improve convenience of the patients, we set the places where mobile phones can be used. When using mobile phones, please keep the rules "the manner not being a nuisance to other patients" and "one (1) meter – minimum safe distance to medical devices" in your mind.

Public phones are installed in various parts of our center.


  1. Smoking is prohibited in the hospital.
  2. In times of disaster, please follow the instruction of our staff.
  3. There are restricted areas and dangerous areas in some part of the hospital. Please stay out of unrequisite areas.
  4. Please watch out for fire. We appreciate your kind cooperation to fire prevention.