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Medical Admission

Admission Procedure (Please ask to "Admission/Discharge Lounge" for details.)

  • Once your medical admission is decided, we will give you a complete set of application forms at the Concierge of the corresponding center. Please start procedures at Admission/Discharge Lounge (Building C – 1st floor) on the day of your admission.
  • When you are admitted to the hospital, please bring 1) written pledge for admission, 2) confirmation of admission status, 3) written certificate of joint guarantee, 4) application to use hospital gown, 5) health insurance ID, 6) patient’s registration ID and 7) advance payment with you.
  • The temporary receipt of advance payment will be settled up at the time of discharge. Please keep it in a safe place.
  • In case of emergency admission, please follow the same admission procedures at a later date at Admission/Discharge Lounge(Building C – 1st floor).
  • Please refrain from parking a vehicle owned by an admitted patient on the parking lot of this center.
  • For a security reason, please refrain from bringing valuables and/or a large amount of cash.
  • You can buy groceries and commodities at the convenience store and the hospital canteen in our center.

Hospital Gown

  • Hospital Gown is available in our center (subject to fees).

Admission and Medical Charges

  • Periodic Invoice will be sent to your bedroom around the middle of the month (building cycle: monthly cutoff). Please use the fare adjustment machine (Building-C – 1st floor / at the Admission/Discharge Lounge / 8:00~17:00) and pay within two (2) weeks after invoiced.

Discharge Procedure

  • When you are discharged from the hospital, please bring the receipt of advance payment, the personal seal (stamp) and the health insurance ID.
  • We accept Credit Card for hospital charges. Please notify us at the Admission/Discharge Lounge.

Credit Cards Accepted: VISA, Master Card, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS