Hospital Introduction

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Basic Principle

Under “Patient-Centered”, we provide safe, secure and high-satisfactory medical cares, and work for upholding the highest medical standard.


Throughout Saitama prefecture, we provide high level of critical and emergency medical care, and specialize in highly-specialized care corresponding to cancers and cardiac diseases.

Basic Policy

In accordance with the principle, we stand firm in “Patient-Centered” and focus on “Convenience for all patients” in all aspects, and we provide the most appropriate medical cares for every single patient.

Patient’s Rights

In our center, we believe that all patients have the rights as stated below. We are aiming to pursue our medical services respecting these rights.

  1. The right that every patient equally gets affection
  2. The right to receive safe and quality medical care
  3. The right to express own preference
  4. The right to receive an explanation until being satisfied
  5. The right to make an own decision for medical practices
  6. The right that patients’ privacy is strictly protected

Requests to Patients

  1. Please let us hear your health situations in detail
  2. Please do not hesitate expressing what you want or do not want
  3. Please ask us until being satisfied if you have anything unclear
  4. Please let us know immediately if you feel trouble or irregular during therapy
  5. Please be careful not to cause trouble to other patients

Basic Policy for foreign patients

We provide safe and secure medical treatments with global standard for foreign patients (business / study abroad / sightseeing / medical tourism) which is equally to Japanese patients. We make efforts to respect cultural and religious differences, by improving communication tools and hospital facilities.