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Saitama Medical University International Medical Center was established in April 2007 with the objective of contributing to regional and Japanese medicine, aiming to create internationally competitive world-class hospital. Our mission is to cover all areas of Saitama prefecture, to be dedicated in highly specialized medical service for cancer and heart disease, and to provide advanced critical and emergency medical care. In addition, we aspire to function as the final fortress of regional medicine in the west area of Saitama so we are happy to accept patients with complicated difficult diseases or conditions. And, I think that it is important for patients to have a close cooperation with local doctors, aiming for continued medical care that satisfies them.

Saitama Medical University Hospital located about 3 km apart from here and our hospital is like brothers, forming one big medical center with two hospitals. Although each of them is responsible for their specialty areas, our hospital is specialized in the treatment of diseases such as “cancer”, “heart disease”, and “life-saving emergency including stroke” that immediately endanger patients’ lives. We strive to embody “patient-centered medical care” without adhering to the concept and framework of conventional hospitals, especially university hospitals. All the staff who works in the hospital is making it a goal to provide “high-quality medical treatment with a high level of satisfaction and safety” with a focus on “patient-centered medical care” wholeheartedly. In addition, Saitama Medical University International Medical Center acquired JCI certification, which corresponds to international hospital function evaluation that was the first in Japanese university hospitals in February 2015. It has been proved that international quality standards for medical quality and safety are sufficiently reached and it has become possible to confidently provide clinical care to regional people more than ever. The motto of Comprehensive Cancer Center is to treat patients with cancer holistically, not treatment of tumor itself. Not only oncology surgeons and oncology physicians, medical staff of all kinds of jobs cooperate and participate in diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, since we have specialists in every organ, we will treat cancer patients in concert with Heart Disease Center and the Stroke Center and the like, even if they have serious complication.

Heart Disease Center is an advanced cardiac disease center specializing in complicated congenital heart disease of neonates to heart disease of all conditions of adults and elderly patients. Heart transplant and severe heart disease requiring an artificial heart is the strong field.

Critical Care and Emergency Center is approved as a tertiary emergency facility and responds to emergency medical care including cancer emergency in addition to the Acute Cardiovascular Center, the Stroke Center, the Emergency and Trauma center.

In Saitama Medical University International Medical Center, we do not provide conventional treatment based on the sectionalism; we put emphasis on horizontal connection and follow the fundamental that all the hospital staff treats each patient.

Please feel free to visit Saitama Medical University International Medical Center.

Toshiaki Saeki, Director of Saitama Medical University International Medical Center