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Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Department of Cardiac rehabilitation is aimed at preventing the recurrence of arteriosclerotic disease (secondary prevention), prevention of re-hospitalization, and improvement of QOL or prognosis. Therefore, it cannot be said that the purpose of cardiac rehabilitation has been achieved only by ensuring walking ability, eating and independent ADL (activities of daily living). Improvement of lifestyle habits including exercise and diet therapy for prevention of relapse after discharge is most important.

Accordingly, we offer patient guidance and exercise therapy during hospitalization, and recommend patients who can come to the hospital to receive our outpatient cardiac rehabilitation. In our department, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists dedicated to the Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation are staffed for early ambulation, early ADL acquisition and independent oral intake. In addition, full-time nurses are in charge of patient guidance, full-time clinical laboratory technicians for exercise tolerance test, and comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation with multipurpose intervention is provided. Indeed, it is a major feature of our department that seamless cardiac rehabilitation is being performed from the acute phase to the recovery / maintenance phase.

For patients with respiratory failure, early intervention of respiratory rehabilitation is provided under the guidance of a physician in charge of critical care. Furthermore, for patients with multiple injuries including fractures, we are intensively engaged in early rehabilitation for them after operation, shifting to outpatient rehabilitation after discharge.

For patients with cancer, we are aggressively advancing perioperative rehabilitation of respiratory and gastrointestinal cancers. We practice a cardiorespiratory exercise test before and after operation, and evaluate exercise tolerance, which is used for patient guidance.

Target diseases

  1. Cardiovascular diseases: Angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, chronic heart failure, obstructive arteriosclerosis, aortic aneurysm, aortic dissection, circulatory disorder after operation of coronary artery bypass, valvular disease, congenital heart disease, ventricular assist device implantation, and heart transplant
  2. Emergency diseases: Trauma, multiple fractures, cranial contusion, traumatic cerebral hemorrhage, spinal cord injury, acute respiratory failure, poisoning, burn injury, etc.
  3. Cancers: Respiratory cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, blood cancer, head and neck tumor, bone soft tissue tumor, breast cancer, etc.

Physicians in charge


Shigeru Makita

Specialty area
Cardiac rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, acute rehabilitation
Japanese Board-certificated Physiatrist of The Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, Board Certified Supervisor of The Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, Board-certificated Instructor / Physiatrist of the Japanese Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Assistant Professor

Ryusei Uchida

Specialty area
Cardiac rehabilitation
Fellow of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine (FJSIM), Board Certified Cardiologist, Japanese Board-certificated Clinician of The Japanese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, Board-certificated Instructor of the Japanese Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation