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Department of Psycho-oncology

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Department of Psycho-oncology provides mental care for cancer patients and their families (bereaved families).

Patients with cancer are known to receive various stresses during the course of treatment, and it is said that nearly half of those will have psychiatric diagnosis due to these stresses. If the patient suffers from mental illness during treatment of cancer, his / her heart is not only painful, but there is a decline in motivation for treatment, which may affect not only their daily lives but also the treatment. However, it is too known that its psychiatric symptoms improve by appropriate psychiatric treatment. In other words, it is necessary to provide appropriate medical care as soon as possible to patients who need mental care.

Medical field that relieves mental irritation by cancer is called psycho-oncology. Saitama Medical University actively adopts such efforts, and has established the Department of Psycho-oncology as a pioneer across the country.

Currently, psycho-oncologist, psychologists and other specialists in multiple fields are in charge of patients in hospitalization and at outpatient clinic. Listening to the story of those who have a hard time due to the disease of cancer, we administer medication according to the need and respond so that the patients can receive treatment with a better mind condition. We also act as a member of the palliative care team.

Physicians in charge


Hideki Ohnishi

Specialty area
Psycho-oncology, thanatology
Designated Physician of Mental Health, Certified Psychiatrist of the Japanese Board of Psychiatry

Associate Professor

Mayumi Ishida

Specialty area
Psycho-oncology, clinical psychology
Clinical Psychologist

Assistant Professor

Chizuko Tsutsumi

Specialty area
Psycho-oncology, cancer chemotherapy
Board Certified Member of Medical Oncology